“PersonalTrainingSingapore.com has helped me achieve what I thought was not possible for many years as I am known to be a hard gainer with small and lean built making it difficult for me to bulk up. I have gained 5kg, improved endurance and power for my dragon boating under his guidance and persistent advice and encouragement.”
QW, Singapore
“I decided to start training for my IPPT to get fit before NS. I trained alone for two months but never made any progress. During August 2015, I could do only 12 push ups, 18 sit ups and run 2.4km in 13:40 mins which gives an ippt score of only 23/100.

That was when I decided to get a personal trainer.

When Kevin first came, I started having second thoughts because my ippt was so poor and I thought there was no chance of me passing.

Like that, 10 sessions went by quickly. On 23rd Oct 2015, I passed my ippt with 22 push ups, 44 sit ups and 2.4km in 12.30 mins which comes to 61/100!

Hiring Kevin was one of the best decision I ever made. He believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. He has made me really confident about myself and made me realize that if you work with full determination and commitment. Thank you!”
Aditya Sudarshan, Singapore
“It’s always been my dream to slim down and build a better body as I was always reminded of my tummy each time I stood in front of the mirror.

Having considered it many times, I decided to give personal training a try. During the fitness consultation, I shared my fitness goals, most important of which was to lose weight before my wedding photoshoot in October.

Till date, I have trained slightly over 2 months and I achieved what I previously thought was impossible. My colleagues and friends have complimented me on my improvements and I feel more confident when I shop for clothes. I am proud that I have lost weight from 75.5kg to 68kg. My tummy has also reduced from 36 inches to 32 inches. Thank you!”
Ben Tew, Singapore

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KC Chiang, Singapore



"When I first met him, there were a lot of doubts in my mind...the ever pessimist that I am started thinking if this would work. He gave me a meal plan which I started following immediately.

I always started with the same line "I can't do it", but Lionel always gave me the confidence which urged me on. He makes you do exercises without really being too hard on your body and also eases when needed to. We work on the entire body every session so it makes it more fun but I always complain. I think Lionel knows how to push me without making it really laborious."
Nandini Saikia, Singapore
“I appreciate the fact that there are flexibility exercises in the program that are suitable for women and am glad that my training seems so different from the bulky males in the gym.

My back and neck are definitely stronger after 4 months training, which further improves my swim and jog. Friends tell me that my posture is a lot better and shoulders are straighter. I am also amazed to be able to lift up heavy stuff minus the injuries."
Lee Fong, Singapore
"With trainer Bryan’s guidance, I gained 5kg of lean muscle mass and lost some belly fat – can see some abs now. Training is intensive yet fun as I learnt how to gym properly, increase my endurance and build a more muscular body."
Pruet Pathirapong, Thailand
“My strength has exploded exponentially. Just imagine when I first started, I could not even bench 15 pounds. But now, into the second month of the 90 day body challenge programme, my warm-up weight for the bench press starts at 35 pounds!

Not only has my weights increased, so has my confidence. In the past, you would probably have seen me in the gym – a scrawny guy with no muscle definition nor bulk. But today, I stand before you with bigger muscles piled the natural way. It really feels good because I know the hard work has paid off.”
Aaron Lim, Singapore
“After being skinny for 31 years of my life and weighing only 47.1kg, I decided I wanted a change so as to look good. That was when I decided to take up personal training lessons. I’m not afraid to wear sleeveless T-shirts anymore as I have muscles to show. More importantly, my strength has also increased. I now can do ten push-ups at one go. For some, this may be easy. But for a guy like me who started from zero, this is a great achievement!”
Ryan Wee, Malaysia
“I like Mike because he gives very effective training and he is always thinking about the best way of optimizing it. His training is oriented not only towards achieving short term results but also ensuring that you get long term and continuing benefits from doing the exercises.”
Paula, Spain
“As a model, I need to make sure my figure is ever-ready for shoots/assignments. Samuel’s training is fun, yet tiring and always makes me wanna go back for more! I especially love kick-boxing sessions with him! Definitely cool and professional, can tell from the way he handles female clients like me. All thanks to Samuel, I'm able to keep my body in shape and yet still able to keep my sweet tooth cravings.”
Jasmine, Singapore
“I always wanted those kind of Men's Health physique, but never thought I can take a step closer to achieving it. Had I known Shawn earlier, I could have saved the countless hours doing crunches every night trying to get my abs out. His training is very systematic and logical, and I've never felt better before. He explains the structure and concepts carefully, and always try to improve my performance every session/week. Has has also advised me about juggling work and personal life. It is a pleasant surprise to see it coming from someone younger than me.”
Gary, Singapore
“Looking at my totally wet T-shirt each time I finish a workout, I feel gratified that I'm one step closer to building a better body packed with some lean toned muscles. Thank you!”
Scott W, Singapore
“After having come across a few personal trainers online, I decided to reach out to PersonalTrainingSingapore.com for a consultation -- in particular because of their holistic approach to fitness that emphasized natural muscle development, without the promise of "quick results".> It has been a few months now and the results speak volumes -- I'm stronger and healthier, with more energy and more confidence. Others in my life have noticed a change too: from friends to colleagues (to the security people where I work). I’m eternally grateful.”
A.J., Singapore
“Kelvin was my personal trainer from November 2013 to June 2014. He was always punctual for training and he was very considerate and understanding if I could not make it for certain training sessions due to my busy work schedule, always willing to train me on alternative day and timing. He listened to my needs and reasons for exercising and he quickly adapted his teaching methods to match my needs.During training, he was upmost attentive and always provide encouraging words to ensure I did not give up. He explained and demonstrated how to do certain sets of exercise and often provided explanation why I was tasked to do those exercise. He suggested exercise routines that were individualized and challenging to help me achieve my fitness goals. All in all, Kelvin exhibits all the values that one would want as his or her personal trainer. ”
Colin Chong, Singapore
“My husband and I have been training with Mike now for almost a year. We found him to be very professional and dedicated. Because of our work schedules we can only make it at 6 am twice a week and Mike is always there at our condo gym at that time! He maintains a good work out schedule for us, knows when to increase the intensity of training. He is always ready and helpful to work towards what you want to achieve. He worked out a schedule of exercises for me to do by myself possibly during the weekends. I have found that very useful.The thing I like most about Mike is his professionalism. He is friendly and courteous; not over friendly and prying. I find this quality very important in a trainer. That helps maintain the comfort level. He always checks on us a day after the work out. I am so glad we are training with Mike.”
Jasmine C, USA
“Vik is professional, friendly and approachable, yet he is firm and strict during training. He has helped me lose belly fat and I'am able to see my 6-pecs once again, with an intensive training and good diet plan, in less than 3 months. With the weights training programme, I've also improved my posture and gained some muscle mass. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a friend and trainer!”
Ethan, Singapore
“I had been gaining weight over the past 2.5 years due to lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. Last year, a health screening revealed that my cholesterol level far exceeded the recommended level and that I had a fatty liver. I thus decided to change my lifestyle and engaged Mike as my personal trainer in January 2014. Mike impressed me right from the start with his maturity and professionalism. With Mike’s guidance of changing my diet and training twice a week with him, I was delighted to lose 5 kg within 3 months! This was truly amazing as I never thought that it could happen to me. Mike is a very caring trainer who always checks on my progress after every workout. He makes sure that I follow the correct and proper diet every day and advises me accordingly if he thinks that my discipline is wavering. He has definitely gone beyond his role as a personal trainer and the extra effort that he put in makes me extremely comfortable and happy to be trained by him. Thanks Mike for your effort and great advice!”
KC, Singapore
“During this whole training period, one of the things that I have enjoyed was the intensity of the sessions. Whenever I was on the brink of giving up and not being able to continue, Kelvin will always be there to support and push me on. Even when i had finished my number of reps in a set, he would always tell me to do one more, and another and another until i had reached my absolute limit. Honestly, i don't think i could have done more reps if he wasn't there to help me along the way, because i would have just gave up. My results speak for themselves - my pull-ups increased from 4 to 9. Likewise for my standing broad jump, where it increased from about 218cm to about 230cm. Not only those, I am able to do more reps and lift heavier weights for back, biceps and chest exercises. All of these improvements were down to Kelvin, because he was there helping and pushing me all the way. As a friend and as a personal trainer, I would give all the credit to Kelvin and his training exercises because I would not be able to do all those things I can do now without his guidance and mentorship. As the famous saying goes, 'no pain, no gain'.”
Jeremy Lau, Singapore
“Vik is no nonsense when it comes to training. I'm quite a lazy person by nature but now I've changed my lifestyle entirely, all thanks to his advice.I travel frequently, and no matter when I go, I will be sure to hit the hotel gym regularly, despite it being a holiday where I'am supposed to relax. And when I'am back, he will definitely be the 1st one I call to get my regime back in order. He is patient and explains the rationale and concepts behind everything that he does.”
Rahul, Singapore
The going was tough but it was all well worth the effort, sweat and groans. I saw results after just a few weeks of sticking to what I was taught.On the average, I lost 1kg every week! My weight loss was actually achievable! I was also surprised at how quickly I got better at certain exercises that I found very difficult initially.
Trish Shanahan, United Kingdom

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