Dear friend,

Are you sick of being skinny? Have you been told too many times by your friends and family that you need to gain some weight so as not to be mistaken as a refugee?

Have you tried almost everything just to build muscle from spending long hours in the gym lifting weights to reading all the health magazines…and yet failed?

Do you feel cheated that despite spending hundres of dollars a month on overhyped supplements to build muscle, nothing happened and you wasted money instead?

Have you tried eating more food to gain weight and yet the scale shows no difference at all?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the questions above, then you are indeed a skinny hardgainer.

In case you haven’t already realised, almost all of us adopt a “monkey see, monkey do” habit. That means we just follow what the bigger sized guy next to us in the gym is doing, regardless whether it works or not. And when you eat a lot more until the point of almost wanting to throw up, you are just putting on weight and increasing body fat…not building muscle!

Now that we have unveiled the truth to you, it does hurt a little, right?

We all have a primary need and that is the need for acceptance either by ourselves or the people around us.

  • Do you look in the mirror and feel sad and disappointed with yourself for being skinny?
  • Do you feel helpless that you never look good in any shirt or dress as the clothes are wearing you?
  • Do you secretly ASPIRE to build muscle and gain weight, but each year you remain just as skinny as the last?
  • Do you have “problem areas” especially like your tummy despite being skinny?
  • Are you too embarrassed of your body to even show yourself on the beach because you have nothing to show?
  • Do you ever feel that your friends or co-workers would treat you with more respect if you were slightly more muscular? That your life would be more successful if you had gained some weight?
  • Have you tried to exercise, but it’s making absolutely no difference?
  • Have you ever told yourself you may be a skinnygainer who suffers from a nutritional deficit from foods just like what our elders term ‘kum chek’ or bamboo pole? Or blame it on your high metabolism?
  • Have you given up hope and tell yourself ‘I’m skinny just like Skinny Steve and will remain skinny’?

There is nothing more criminal that knowing you are skinny and not doing anything about it. And you continue to waste time doing the wrong things or following the wrong advice just because the internet, magazines and advertisements say so.

By the way, did you know the fitness magazines are mostly owned by the same guys who manufacture the supplements?


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    You want to build muscle desperately and more importantly, ensure you gain lean, toned muscles permanently. You want to look good for yourself. You want to appear confident in front of others. But you know you can’t be depending on heaps of protein powder for the rest of your life or be on some weight gainers that have high saturated fat.

    Let me tell you something. We know how you feel as we’ve been just as skinny as you.


    Well, there are 3 options you can consider.

    Option 1

    Forget it and accept who you are. Who cares as skinny is skinny? Say that outwardly but continue to feel miserable inwardly or when alone. And continue being the butt of all jokes with “chicken legs”, “string bean” body, reed-thin arms and that flat chest.

    Option 2

    Search the internet or read magazines for someone else’s workout. Experiment with all the different muscle building tips like very heavy weight, low weight, fast reps and super-slow reps. And when confused, blame it on your genetics.

    Option 3

    Take time to read this page because like you, we have been skinny before. More importantly, we train skinny guys like you to build muscles and can tell you what really works.

    Real People, Real Results

    You can build muscle! Now that’s a fact.

    We personally guarantee that the methods we have learnt through the hard way for building muscle and gaining weight will save you months…even years of wasted time and effort experimenting. And not forgetting, saving you money as well. Stop sabotaging yourself doing the wrong things as it is really frustrating.

    Lest we be blunt but if it something doesn’t work or won’t help you build muscles and gain weight, we are going to tell you it doesn’t work.

    There is no open secret to building muscle. In fact, it’s an open secret. All you need is a good fitness program and lots of determination. Simple enough?

    Sounds easy but many people fail because they do not know the blueprint for building muscle. With all the literature out there about machine weights, free weights, dumbbell weights, cable weights, kettlebells, barbells, resistance training, drop sets, supersets etc, it’s enough to make you confused.

    Building muscle is not about a quick-fix solution. Instead it is all about finding a manageable and sustainable process which builds lean, toned muscles while combating the tummy fats and maintaining your weight at a steady level. You do not want a Yo-Yo effect.

    It’s one thing to build muscle fast. It’s another thing knowing you are in safe hands. And how’s that if we combine both and help you build muscle fast and safe? I think I can see you smiling now. You certainly do not want to get injured in the process, do you?

    If Ryan, Aaron, KC and many of our other clients can do it, so can you!


    You Can Build Muscles

    Kellvin has helped me achieve what I thought was not possible for many years as I am known to be a hard gainer with small and lean built making it difficult for me to bulk up. I have gained 5kg, improved endurance and power for my dragon boating under his guidance and persistent advice and encouragement.

    personal training singapore qw

    QW, Singapore

    After being skinny for 31 years of my life and weighing only 47.1kg, I decided I wanted a change so as to look good. That was when I decided to take up personal training lessons.

    I’m not afraid of wearing sleeveless T-shirts anymore as I have muscles to show! More importantly, my strength has also increased. I now can do ten push-ups at one go. For some, this may be easy. But for a guy like me who started from zero, this is a great achievement!


    personal training singapore ryan wee

    Ryan Wee, Malaysia

    I Am Skinny No More

    I understand my body so much better. I have even learnt how to customize my own workout to suit my training goals.

    Not only has my weights increased, so has my confidence. In the past, you would probably have seen me in the gym – a scrawny guy with no muscle definition nor bulk. But today, I stand before you with bigger muscles piled the natural way. After every workout session, I witness how I transform beyond my imagination. My friends have complimented me on my bigger frame and new image. It really feels good because I know the hard work has paid off.


    Aaron Lim, Singapore

    personal training singapore 0144


    KC, Singapore

    singapore personal trainer fat 03


    singapore personal trainer fat 05


    singapore personal trainer fat 07

    No More HIDING behind Baggy, Shapeless Clothes

    9singapore personal trainer fat 09

    No More PERSONAL JOKES About Your Body

    singapore personal trainer fat 11

    No More FRUSTRATION With The Diets That Don’t Work


    What we have done is to take the guesswork out and give it to you. Well, almost. The next few step is up to you. We want you to

    • Build Lean Toned Muscle Successfully, Naturally And Permanently
    • Sculpt That Big Chest And Arms
    • Trim That Tummy And Burn Belly Fats
    • Feel More Confident
    • Wear Anything (Or Nothing!) And Feel Sexy
    • Make Others Take A Second Or Third Look At You
    • Look Younger
    • Love Yourself

    The only question is whether you will allow yourself to achieve all the above and perhaps even more.
    Not all things in life come with a satisfaction guaranteed. But because we are confident that we can deliver effective and safe results, we are willing to do so just to help you get started.

    You can expect to build at least 2kg of lean muscle mass in the first month of training and even more in the subsequent months. We will customise a training program that suits your needs and meets your goals.

    personal training singapore express fitness

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    • 10 personal training sessions


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