Dear friend,

Are you sick and tired of being fat and overweight? Have you had enough of the labels others are giving you like “fat pig”, “miss piggy” and “rolly polly”? Or does wanting to lose weight still seem to confuse you as there are so many methods out there that claim to be that magic pill? Or how about losing some weight only to have it all piled back again weeks later?

It does sound sad but the truth is, you are not alone as thousands out there are still struggling with their weight issues.
While you can take comfort in this fact, just pause and ask yourself is this what you want?

For decades, we have been deceived by what seems to be the quick-fix solution in the form of magic pills, slimming juices, spa wraps and zapping machines.

We continue to part with our hard-earned dollar because of all the glossy advertisements we see of slim, sexy babes or lean, toned hunks. But didn’t you notice the models were already slim and beautiful enough to begin with?

Now that we have unveiled the truth to you, it does hurt a little, right?

We all have a primary need and that is the need for acceptance either by ourselves or the people around us.

  • Do you look in the mirror and feel disgusted and disappointed with yourself for being fat?
  • Do you feel helpless when you try to wear clothes that fit before, and it’s just too tight for you?
  • Do you PROMISE yourself year after year that you’re going to get into shape, but each year you’re even fatter than the last?
  • Do you have “problem areas”, like your thighs, your tummy or arms, and you just hate yourself because of it?
  • Are you too embarrassed of your body to even show yourself on the beach because you are fat?
  • Do you ever feel that your friends or co-workers would treat you with more respect if you were healthier and thinner? That your life would be more successful if you were slimmer?
  • Have you tried to exercise, but it’s making absolutely no difference?
  • Have you got a weakness for food and eat almost anything?
  • Have you given up hope and tell yourself ‘I’m fat and will remain fat’?

There is nothing more criminal that knowing you are fat and not doing anything about it. And you continue to stuff yourself with more fattening cakes and pastries; and unhealthy fast foods.


You want to lose weight desperately and more importantly, ensure those extra kilos stay off permanently. You want to look good for yourself. You want to appear confident in front of others. But you know you can’t be depending on juices for the rest of your life or be on some weight loss pills that have side effects.

Let me tell you something. We know how you feel as we’ve been fat before.


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    Well, there are 3 options you can consider.

    Option 1

    Forget it and accept who you are. Say that outwardly but continue to feel miserable inwardly or when alone. Or tell yourself you will do something but you know deep inside it’s a big, fat lie as the ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll start next week’ resolution will never come.

    Option 2

    Search the internet or read books for some quick fix solutions. Experiment with all the different diets. And when confused, drop by the pharmacy and try the slimming pills endorsed by the already slim and slender celebrity which promise a lighter you in weeks to come.

    Option 3

    Take time to read this page because like you, we have been fat before. More importantly, we work with fat people and can tell you what really works.

    Real People, Real Results

    You can lose weight! Now that’s a fact.

    There is no secret to losing weight. In fact, it’s an open secret. All you need is a good fitness program and lots of determination. Simple enough?

    Sounds easy but many people fail because even before they can start to lose weight, they start to come up with so many excuses stopping them from starting. I have no time. I do not know how. I am too tired after work or school. The gym is too far. Sounds familiar?

    Losing weight is not about a quick-fix solution. Instead, it is all about finding a manageable and sustainable process which keeps the fats away and the extra kilos from coming back. You do not want a Yo-Yo effect.

    It’s one thing to lose weight fast. It’s another thing knowing you are in safe hands. And how’s that if we combine both and help you lose weight fast and safe? I think I can see you smiling now.

    If Haz, Ben, Nandini, Trish and all of our other clients can do it, so can you!

    personal training singapore lose weight fast

    Always Been My Dream To Slim Down

    “It’s always been my dream to slim down and build a better body as I was always reminded of my tummy each time I stood in front of the mirror.

    Having considered it many times, I decided to give personal training a try. During the fitness consultation, I shared my fitness goals, most important of which was to lose weight before my wedding photoshoot in October.

    Till date, I have trained slightly over 2 months and I achieved what I previously thought was impossible. My colleagues and friends have complimented me on my improvements and I feel more confident when I shop for clothes. I am proud that I have lost weight from 75.5kg to 68kg. My tummy has also reduced from 36 inches to 32 inches. Thank you!”

    personal training singapore lose weight fast 1

    Ben Tew, Singapore

    You Can Lose Weight

    “When I first met him, there were a lot of doubts in my mind…the ever pessimist that I am started thinking if this would work. I always started with the same line “I can’t do it”, but Lionel always gave me the confidence which urged me on. He makes you do exercises without really being too hard on your body and also eases when needed to. We work on the entire body every session so it makes it more fun but I always complain. I think Lionel knows how to push me without making it really laborious.”

    personal training singapore lose weight fast 2

    Nandini Saikia, Singapore

    From day one, Lionel motivated me and didn’t give up on me. I can always count on him to push me beyond my comfort zone.

    Yes, the going was tough but it was all well worth the effort, sweat and groans. I saw results after just a few weeks of sticking to what he taught me. On the average, I lost 1kg every week! My weight loss was actually achievable! I was also surprised at how quickly I got better at certain exercises that I found very difficult initially.

    Lionel makes training fun. We always have a laugh and after a hard day at work, an hour of training with Lionel puts the smile back on my face and relaxes me. I now look forward to all our workout sessions.

    I find him very professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness and have learnt a lot about how to get the best results from my workout.”

    female lose weight fast img 1

    Trish Shanahan,
    United Kingdom

    singapore personal trainer fat 03


    singapore personal trainer fat 05


    singapore personal trainer fat 07

    No More HIDING behind Baggy, Shapeless Clothes

    9singapore personal trainer fat 09

    No More PERSONAL JOKES About Your Body

    singapore personal trainer fat 11

    No More FRUSTRATION With The Diets That Don’t Work


    There is only one way to lose weight and burn fats successfully, naturally and permanently. And that is to have a good mixture of weights training, cardio training and nutritional support.

    What we have done is to take the guesswork out and give it to you. Well, almost. The next few step is up to you. We want you to
    • Lose Weight Successfully, Naturally And Permanently
    • Trim That Tummy And Burn Belly Fats
    • Feel More Confident
    • Wear Anything (Or Nothing!) And Feel Sexy
    • Look Younger
    • Love Yourself
    • Enjoy Your Food Without Counting Calories
    personal training singapore 03

    The only question is whether you will allow yourself to achieve all the above and perhaps even more.

    Not all things in life come with a satisfaction guaranteed. But because we are confident that we can deliver effective and safe results, we are willing to do so just to help you get started.

    You can expect to lose at least 2kg in the first month of training and more in the subsequent months. We will customise a training program that suits your needs and meets your goals.

    Drop us an email and start losing weight!

    personal training singapore express fitness

    Express Fitness Package

    • 10 sessions
    • 10 personal training sessions


    personal training singapore busy person

    Learner’s Package

    • 20 sessions
    • 20 personal training sessions


    Rapid Results Package

    • 30 sessions
    • 30 personal training sessions
    • Customised meal plan


    Transformation Package

    • 40 sessions
    • 40 personal training sessions
    • Customised Meal Plan
    • Weekly consultation


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