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A skinny yet active kid since young, there was always eagerness and enthusiasm in him when it came to sports. However, because of his skeletal frame, he was often mocked by his classmates despite excelling in distance running.

Leonard swung to the other side of the scale after his national service days as his constant eating saw him tip the scale at 80kg. A serious case of vomiting saw him lose 29kg in 6 months.

Realising he had been neglecting his health and doing everything wrongly, he decided to become a personal trainer to understand the principles of designing your body with the right exercises and the right nutritional diet practices.

Armed with a Diploma in Sports Science, Leonard now brings with him a wealth of experience helping clients achieve their fitness goals.


Antonio believes that effective movement and form are the foundations to progress in one’s fitness journey. His passion for fitness began at a young age when he realised that leading an active healthy lifestyle was the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

His personal story attests to this fact when he was specifically told by his floorball coach to start building muscle as he was too skinny back then. Together with his gym buddies, he trained consistently and motivated each other…seeing good results as he packed on 10kg of lean muscle mass. More importantly, he started to get gold in his IPPT tests. That was an affirmation in itself and led him to pursue a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences.

Today a personal trainer and certified first-aider, he is passionate to impart his knowledge and impact the lives of his clients. Antonio also swims, cycles and rock climbs in his free time.


Image did not bother Bob until his school days when he realized that he was putting on too much weight and could contend to be the heaviest guy in class. That was the start of his fitness journey. Having achieved a considerable weight loss of 20kg until he reached his optimum weight, he is yet another successful case of a fitness enthusiast turned personal trainer in the team.

Having successfully lost weight and today a popular face in the fitness industry, Bob uses the same techniques and methods to help his clients with their fitness goals. Till date, he has trained over 50 clients. If you ask him, nothing gives him greater satisfaction than being able to help others change their lives.

He is a certified fitness trainer with 4 years of experience, having worked with one of Singapore’s largest commercial gyms. He incorporates TRX and battle ropes into his training programmes for his clients.


A scrawny kid since his school days, Jackson was the often the butt of all jokes and that really hurt his self-esteem.

What kickstarted his fitness journey was when his ex-girlfriend left him for a more muscular guy. He was determined to change his way of life and live better.

After the completion of his first marathon in 2013, he realised that aiming for overall fitness was the key to living a quality life. Being a hard gainer, he wanted to prove to others that vegetarian fitness athletes (like himself) can build muscles too. Following a customised fitness programme which he self-designed, he went from 55kg to 65 kg in just six months!

Fast forward to today and Jackson is easily the fittest, most confident and lean muscle toned guy in the crowd. Using the same principles which have helped him shape his transformation, he now helps his clients achieve their fitness goals with the same laser tight focus.


In his younger days, Zavier was always one to shy away from physical activities and often preferred snacking. He would also frequently eat fast food for all three meals. It was to the surprise of no one when he stepped on the scales and found himself borderline overweight. Also, he found that he would struggle to walk up the stairs or to school, and would pant heavily by the end.

In 2012, motivated to change for the better and fearing health complications due to being overweight, Zavier started going to the gym. Not wanting to keep exercise stale and uninteresting, Zavier soon joined Muay Thai, Taekwondo and started adding in Calisthenics into his own workout routine. He also started paying attention to proper nutrition and learnt to prepare his own healthy meals as he knows the importance of a good diet in relation to physical fitness.

Fast forward to today, Zavier has a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences and is currently pursuing a degree in the same field of study. An avid fitness enthusiast, he is a firm believer that exercise can be done anywhere as long as one’s body is capable, regardless of equipment availability, and that fitness should be undertaken by all as a means to lead a fulfilling life.


Shawn was once a skinny boy and he was frequently nicknamed “bamboo” in secondary school as well as in polytechnic. No matter what he ate, he just could not pack on the muscles.

Easily one of the weakest in the basketball team, he was often mocked by his peers that he was not physically strong.

An actual fainting incident during a strength and conditioning training session proved to be the turning point in his life. Inspired by the better physiques of his friends and wanting to do something for himself, Shawn decided to start a fitness routine during his polytechnic years. From observing how others train and developing his own methodology thereafter, his muscle building story proved a success when he gained 10kg in lean muscle mass in six months. His amazing transformation has led to his peers being in awe of the results he has achieved.

Shawn’s own fitness journey is one that resounds with his clients as he has shown first-hand that patience is the key to success. He believes that any client who gets to be trained by him will see a similar transformation with the proper techniques and dedicated meal plans.

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