It is perhaps a worst kept secret that some women shy away from the gym for fear of building big, bulky muscles. As certified personal trainers, let me assure you that this is simply not true.

By the law of nature, women naturally do not produce enough testosterone or human growth hormone to build a masculine body.

Now that you know the truth, it is time for you to seriously consider the benefits of lifting weights. Strength training promotes many desirable changes to your body composition. These include increasing your bone density (women above the age of forty especially begin to lose muscle mass), muscle mass and the number of calories you burn in a day. While this is good news indeed, there is better news in the fact that you also decrease your overall fat percentage.

Women store fat in their tummies, butt and thighs. While this may sound terrible to most women, it is certainly not a doomsday scenario. What you have to do is to work the abs, butt, thighs, lats and arms to tone up.

An added benefit of weight training is of course looking good. You can now look good in almost anything – from that little black dress to that sexy bikini. Think Michelle Obama and the many photographs showing her in sleeveless dresses. The new tight body of yours not only keeps you looking younger and feeling more confident, but it also improves the quality of your life (sex life included) and boosts your immune system. You don’t fall sick so easily as your body is more resistant to the viruses around.

A female client who has trained with me for 2 months shared with me that when she recently went for her annual health-check, her doctor congratulated her because her high blood pressure had lowered significantly. Besides this positive effect, the female client also felt more energy and experienced a sense of calmness she had never felt for years. She now looks younger and her steps are lighter. Did she shave 10 years off her biological age? You bet.

If there’s any gift you can give yourselves ladies, it is the gift of fitness. The next time you start having second thoughts about weight training, just leave your “what-ifs” in the locker now that you know the truth. Instead, put on your sports shoes and hit the gym with a pair of dumbbells. Unveil the new, sexy, glamorous you today!