“Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most attractive of me all?”

Ask any woman this question and she will almost always point to your midriff section. Yes, she’s referring to your abs.

 The  six  pack  abs  refer  to  your  abdominal muscles showing  up  with  clear definition  in six  individual  parts.  Do  you  know  women  love the male  abs  as  it  is  an indication  of  a  fit  and  healthy male? Since  the  days  of human  evolution, women  are naturally attracted  to a man who exudes health and fitness as this is an  indication  that the man knows how to take care of his body. This also translates to mean he can take care of her and the family. Why should she settle for second best  right?
Having understood the desirability of the rippling six pack abs, it is no wonder why men of all ages are always seen doing crunches, leg raises and sit-ups fervently in the hope of attaining  the coveted  six pack abs.  In fact, it’s a phenomenon seen at almost every gym!

Most people believe you have to do endless number of abs exercises in order for the abs to develop. But the first truth is (and this is something to rejoice) we already have abs! We don’t have to develop the abs. We just need to let the killer six pack abs show. And that’s the tricky part.

The second truth is most men will never get to see their abs in its ripped glory. Why you may ask? Let me now share with you some fitness tips.

You  may  not  like  me  being  too  direct  but  I’m  still  going  to  speak  the  truth  with compassion. So take a deep breath and here goes.

You can continue to do a million crunches followed by a million leg lifts a day. But as long as there is still a layer of fat covering your tummy area, you will never see the abs.

It is like the clouds covering the sun. Only when the clouds disperse can you see the glorious sun.

sexy six pack abs personal trainingIn the same manner, only when you lose that layer of fat on the surface can you see the abs in all its glory. Continuing  to  do  crunches  and  leg  lifts without  first  removing  the layer of fat is akin to shooting yourself in the leg as your waistline will become thicker as you  are unknowingly  adding muscles underneath the fats! So  instead  of  seeing  a slimmer waistline and  the  six pack abs, you  instead get a bigger waistline and  thicker love handles. 

Don’t be influenced by TV commercials or magazine advertisements, especially those that promote spot reduction. There is no such thing as spot reduction. Just remember – lose the fats and see your abs. It’s as simple as that! Don’t believe in those electronic gadgets that promise you a slimmer waist by simply attaching it to your waist for 15 minutes a day. They not only not work but burn  a  hole  in your  pocket.  If they work, why do people still bother doing abs exercises? Just buy one and watch the fats melt away? If only it was as easy as that. Also, steer clear of the slimming pills. They may work initially but the effects cannot be sustained in the long term.

To effectively burn fat and see your abs, you must work on a combination of three areas.

Include frequent cardiovascular exercises with a controlled mildly deficit calorie diet and weight training. Besides helping to build muscles, weight training helps you raise your metabolism in order to lose weight and burn fat naturally. Fat is burnt permanently when you lift weights as muscles consume more calories from your food and convert them to energy. In addition, lifting weights also result in a well toned body and aid in revealing your abs.

We all want our six pack abs. But are they attainable? The answer is a resounding yes!

First things first – embark on a mildly deficit calorie diet coupled with a weight training regime. Second, put on your running shoes and start running!

Only two steps? Yes! And I dare bet my last dollar that in no time you’ll be thanking me for these tips  and be  sending  me  pictures  of  your  six  pack  abs  in  its  full  glory  as testimony. Life is great. It’s even greater when you have something beautiful like your six pack abs to show 🙂