The Right Way To Do An Abs Crunch

Perhaps one of the easiest exercises to do is an abdominal workout. All you need is to lie on the floor and then get into the groove of things. You don’t have to rely on any machines, cables or free weights. How difficult can that be, right? You can’t be more wrong. The truth is all exercises come with a certain degree of risk. So too does an abdominal workout, if not done the right way. You could strain your [...]

Empowerment Through Regular Fitness & Healthy Eating

We all know the benefits of working out regularly and eating clean. This directly translates into being able to fit into any jeans, pants or skirt; looking glamorous in a tank top; and having something to show when you take off your shirt at the next beach party. Yet clean eating, coupled with a regime of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, has benefits far beyond just looking hot. It is in fact a truly empowering way to live, from both [...]

Overcoming Emotional Eating

It is an open secret that all of us live to eat. Eating has become an essential part of our lives. Without food, our bodies lack the necessary nutrients needed to undergo the repair and recovery processes. In many cultures, eating is often seen as a blessing. If you can eat, it means you are hale and hearty. In Asian cultures especially, being round is often associated as a positive sign of prosperity. Armed with this belief, sometimes we can [...]

The Importance Of Lower Body Workout Exercises

"Can we not train our legs please?" This is one of the most common requests I get. The very thought of having to do a lower body workout is enough to send shivers down the spine. To be honest, I don’t blame them. In fact, I perfectly understand why most guys (and some women) choose to skip the lower body routine. When they see people doing squats, lunges or hamstring curls, they just shake their heads and often walk in the [...]

Easy Toning Exercises For Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Exercise is an important part of our lives. Staying in shape is certainly one way to increase your life expectancy. As you age, weight bearing exercises are equally important for increasing muscle mass and bone density. The most common excuse I have heard many people come up with to explain for their lack of activity is the lack of time. And that’s what is stopping them from exercising. Most of us have learned what to do when it comes to [...]