If you haven’t already heard from the BBC World TV News bulletin coverage on 7 January 2015, the personal training industry in

Singapore is huge. And the better news is that it can only grow even bigger as more fitness players are muscling their way into this evergreen industry.

As Singaporeans’ per capita income increases as our city continues its cosmopolitan march forward, more people are beginning to sit up and take note of their wellbeing.

And this augurs well for the fitness industry in Singapore.

Personal training used to be reserved for two categories of people – the well-heeled and people who are facing a mid-life image crisis. Not any more.

In fact, the personal training industry in Singapore has matured to such an extent that your client could come from all levels of society…and that makes it exciting. You could be training a student now and a post-natal mum next.

Regardless of who your clients are, the need for personal training in Singapore remains high in demand for three reasons.


Reason #1: Health Benefits

People buy because of pain or pleasure. We avoid hospitals and clinics unless we are sick. Similarly, people who take up personal training in Singapore have been told by their doctors to start a fitness programme. They may be having a low bone density or be overweight or need some form of recuperation after an accident.

Depending on what your fitness goal is (lose weight, build muscle or tone up), a customized fitness programme is then planned for you by our personal trainers.

Bearing in mind the high medical costs in Singapore, it’s sometimes more worth the buck to hire a personal trainer to get you into the pink of health before the illnesses come knocking on your doors. Prevention is always better than cure.


Reason #2: Aesthetics Reasons

People want to look and feel good. There is no denying this universal fact. The fit want to get fitter whereas the not so fit want to get fit.

But rather than go for invasive and costly medical proceedings like liposuctions, a large proportion of people have decided to explore aesthetics the natural way. They hire a personal trainer and hope to achieve their dream bodies.

So whether you like a lean fit beach body or you want to be a muscular bodybuilder, you are in control of your own physique.

More importantly, aesthetics continues to play a part in the raging hormones of our younger generation. In school, besides comparing grades, you also compete to see who can do more chin-ups or run faster. After getting your job and first pay check, you also join the trend of the workforce by visiting the gyms for a workout. It has become a trend.

We see scores of people post their workout pictures and selfies (and most are topless for the guys) on Instagram and Facebook. It is as if they are seeking validation and LIKEs for their bodies. This is a growing trend that seems to be escalating strong as social media continues to rule.


Reason #3: Accountability Partnership

If we look at the greatest athletes and sportsmen in history, the common thing they all had was a mentor.

Simply put, a mentor is someone who has walked the same route you are about to walk now. He will be your best guide because he has been there and done that.

In life, what matters are the results. Many a times we tell ourselves we want to exercise. Then something else takes over – it could be an urgent meeting or a last-minute dinner etc. And the exercise never gets done.

When we have an accountability partner (think of it like a kick in the butt service), we know someone is keeping close tabs on us. This gets us going. And this inertia is a powerful momentum. Once we take the first small step forward, motion breeds motion.

Life gets easier when you have an accountability partner who motivates and pushes you at the same time.

This, to me, is the magic of personal training and why it is an evergreen industry.

For all three reasons, the need for personal training in Singapore remains high. And we are constantly on the lookout for fitness enthusiasts to join our fitness team. If you would like to chat with us, drop us an email at contact@personaltrainingsingapore.com