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The Optimum Post Workout Meal

As a fitness professional and sports nutritionist, what never fails to intrigue is the fact that I've always found it  strange why people don't give much thought to what they put in their bodies after they have finished their workout...which is a real pity. Just think about it using another analogy - these same people [...]

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Acing Your IPPT

Many a times, it's not how hard you train but rather hard smart you have been training that makes the key difference. After all, training is just like studying. For all of us who have been through school or at least some years of education, we would have wondered many a times why some of [...]

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Step Up And Lose Weight Now

If you've always hated running, rowing or any other forms of cardio exercises, do not worry. Try taking the stairs! Yes, you didn't hear me wrongly. The flights of stairs in your office building and HDB block might just be your answer to shedding those extra kilos. We are very fortunate to be living in [...]

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